Lets customise a private blue mountains tour just for you 

Everybody’s idea of the perfect day and tour is different. Lets work together and make you day one to remember in the years to come by customising your tour to suit your interest in life and the type of traveller you are. 

Mix and match tour highlights & inclusions to create your own private tour of the Blue Mountains

With all the different tours we offer they are really just ideas to get you thinking what we could include in your tour up to the Blue Mountains. They don't have to be the only options and you can mix and match the different highlights and inclusions from the different tour codes to get a customised tour just for you.

Enjoy a walk to suit the fitness level of your group

Without doubt the best way to experience the Blue Mountains is to do some walks within the Blue Mountains national park to truly understand the beauty of the area. Being a private tour we can customise the difficulty and length of the walk based on your groups fitness level. What you find on shared group tours is that everybody has different fitness levels so the company will have a walk which may be very difficult for some on the tour which is stressful for those individuals or they simply opt out of it which is disappointing not to get that experience. At the other end of the scale the ones in better shape will be left a bit empty thinking that it could have been so much more adventurous. At Cloud 9 Tours we don't have any of these problems as all our tours are private and are tailored to our clients each tour we run.

Let us design a private Blue Mountains tour around your special interests

We all enjoy special interest in life that we love to do in our spare time. Doing these things while on vacation in amazing destinations like the Blue Mountains can turn a good tour into something great as you are doing what you truly love doing in life. Let us know what your special interest are and we do our very best to design a customised tour around them. Listed are a few different ideas to get you thinking.

  • Enjoy a game of golf in the mountains then go see some of the sights.
  • Hit the Blue Mountains foodie trail on unique culinary adventure
  • Explore the National Parks on foot with an amazing hiking through the area
  • Relax and unwind with a spa, massage or beauty treatment

Select your own tour length and pick up /drop off times

We all have different amounts of time spend in Sydney on our holidays with different priorities to what we want do to while here. With this in mind lets make the tour duration work well with any other commitments you may have. Some of us love to rise early and fit as much into the day as possible so an early pick up for the tour works well for them. Others are the complete opposite and a think vacation is no vacation without a good sleep in. lets start the tour at a time that suits you best as well as the length of the tour.

Thrill seekers... We can customise a tour to suit your adventurous spirit

The Blue Mountains is one of those areas, which really is a thrill seekers paradise. With huge vertical sandstone cliffs everywhere you turn and a million hectares of pristine wilderness it’s perfectly suited to adventurous activities including the following:

  • Canyoning
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling/repelling
  •  Mountain bike riding

With all these activities we have options for beginners, intermediates’ and advanced participants.



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